Etta Loves x The Baby Lab

We are proud to have formed a 3-year collaboration with The Sussex Baby Lab at The University of Sussex. Read on to find out more...


The Sussex Baby Lab is a world-leader in infant cognitive psychology, especially in the field of how babies see colour.

Based in the School of Psychology at the University of Sussex, its team researches early human sensory perception and investigates how babies see, think and learn. 

Their research seeks to understand how babies interact with their environment and to further knowledge on the development of human thought and behaviour.


Together, we want to understand how babies perceive patterns and how preference for particular patterns develops. 

The infant visual system is receptive and responsive to patterns; even newborns can see and distinguish them. 

Pattern vision is of crucial importance in visual development because patterns are an important source of information about the environment; so much so that babies require patterned input for cognitive development to proceed properly. 


Using eye-tracking, brain imaging and image analysis, The Sussex Baby Lab will conduct experiments to investigate how visual perception is adapted to the statistical qualities of the environment during development, and the role that this plays in the development of infant aesthetics.

We will apply the scientific findings to optimise pattern and image design for all future products, to ensure we continue to support babies’ visual development by putting science at the core of our brand.

We can't wait to take you on this journey with us!