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Tummy Time - From top tips to sensory strips

Tips For Tummy Time 

Tummy time is an important part of your baby's development as it supports the muscle development needed for them to roll, crawl and eventually walk, but we know from experience with Etta & her little sister Uma that it can be a stressful experience for everyone involved. In our blog below you'll find lots of handy tips and ideas how you can get the most out of tummy time and make it a little bit more enjoyable (or at the least bearable) for both of you.




Reversible Playmats

Designed alongside our consultant orthoptist, specifically to support babies' visual and cognitive development, the Etta Loves reversible sensory playmat is the perfect way to help make tummy time more productive and engaging for your little one - and a little less stressful for you. The scientifically designed prints encourage your baby to push up onto their hands to take a closer look at the patterns scaled and coloured precisely for their visual ability.


baby tummy time on Etta Loves sensory playmat Keith Haring print

Sensory Strips

Perfect to help your child master tummy time, our reversible sensory strips are scientifically designed in line with your babies visual development. To use simply stand them up in front of your child whilst they're on their play mat. The clever sensory patterns will encourage your baby to use their arms, neck, shoulder and back muscles to push up and study the designs in greater detail.


baby laying on tummy for tummy time looking at Etta Loves sensory strip