Etta Loves x Perky Blenders Coffee


Etta Loves x Perky Blenders brings you an utterly delicious coffee that you'll actually be able to drink hot whilst your Etta Loves products work their sensory magic to mesmerise your baby. 

Carefully selected and sourced beans that caressingly (it's a word) compliment each other. Some fun flavours here that work brilliantly with most brew methods. 

250g bag of either ground or wholebean coffee.

Tastes like: Orange / Milk Chocolate / Honey

Sourced from: Peru - Wilmer Martinez Terrones, Brazil - Andre Sanchez Estate + Ethiopia - Segera

Roast: Medium


NHS guidelines for caffeine intake during pregnancy are 200mg. One cup of this coffee is approximately 140mg.

Guidelines when breastfeeding are to limit caffeine intake to 300mg, so roughly two cups of our delicious coffee.

Bare in mind that these guidelines are for overall caffeine intake, so consider any additional caffeine from chocolate, tea or coca cola.