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Change bag essentials. What NEVER to forget

I was never the organised one in our mum group. I often forgot muslins (the irony) or any kind of toys for Etta, sometimes even nappies and wipes, to dire consequences. It wasn't intentional, I just forgot in the heady rush of actually leaving the house to meet other adult humans.

Also one of the benefits of breastfeeding is not really needing anything but you and a muslin, so it was all too easy to forget that your little darling might also need some other bits and bobs to keep them calm and keep you clean..

So here's what I'll be endeavouring to remember in the change bag for trips out with number two, due in July:

  • Nappies, probably five at any one time. Please god don't forget these. Also it's nice to occasionally be the hero by being able to save a fellow mum in a sticky situation (you'll know those mums, the wide eyed look of panic, scouting the cafe for a friendly understanding face of a mum who looks like they've got their shit together). 
  • Wipes. Every mums saviour. I'm amazed at what little these guys can't get out of clothes or off tables. 
  • Muslins. For slinging over your shoulder for winding and cuddling, covering up if you prefer it for breastfeeding, generally mopping bodily fluid off your baby and everything in between. I've even seen them used as impromptu nappies when the wide eyed no-nappy panic has set in.
  • Toys. Whatever your baby seems interested in at that moment. It could be our muslins (double whammy and less needed in the bag) a rattle, a high contrast book or comforter. But you always need a backup if food and changing don't calm the grumbles. 
  • Snacks for you - cereal bars, jellybabies or just chocolate. Whatever you need as a little pick you up whilst endlessly pacing the streets trying to get your mini off to sleep.
  • A bottle of water - hydrate hydrate hydrate people!
  • Portable change mat. For those nasty cafe toilets or the ground in the park.
  • Hand sanitiser. I've never had so much poo on my hands as those first six months... And some cafes don't have soap, or parks don't have any toilets so this is a must! (despite the havoc it reeks on your skin)
  • Oh and this time round i'm going for a rucksack. super easy to carry and might take some of the pressure off my permanently rocking and shusshing back.

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