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Our Values

At Etta Loves we care. We care about babies' development, we care about your journey through parenthood and we care about having a positive impact on our environment and on all the people who work with us.

Read on to find out more about our company values and actions.


We take great care when choosing our fabrics to ensure that we understand the impact that our choices have on the environment and on those making and handling our goods. 

We have switched all of our muslins to 100% organic cotton from bamboo, following extensive research into the impact of cotton / bamboo and blended fabrics. You can read more about this choice here. Any other materials used are now recycled.

Every product we produce is tested to the highest Global standards - giving us and you the confidence that Etta Loves products will always be best for baby too.


Our manufacturers are a huge part of our story, and we are proud of our production partners who make our products with such care.

Every factory we work with is fully certified and adhere to the highest ethical and environmental standards. This ensures a safe workplace, free of child or forced labour, with people being paid a fair living wage.

Critically, our production partners share our vision and our drive for innovation and continous improvement.


We are commited as a business to innovation and improvement, and are B-Corp pending.

Our products are made for the next generation, so it's critical that we preserve and protect this beautiful planet with all our might. It's on our shoulders to make the right choices for our children's future.