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Hello Retailers

Etta Loves products are uniquely designed with science to support babies’ visual and cognitive development. The results are magical.
We work with an orthoptist (an expert in children’s vision), to ensure that the scales, shapes and colours in our patterns are aligned with what babies can see. This stimulates them and supports their development.
We are also in a scientific partnership with the University of Sussex. This enables us to further develop the scientific basis of products, test and verify designs, and harness cutting edge research on infant perception and aesthetics to design new collections.
Because of our commitment to science, babies are utterly captivated by our clever patterns and parents benefit from a well needed moment of calm to have a hot drink, take a lingering shower or just catch their breath and take it all in.
Our factories are SEDEX approved and we produce with care, using the highest quality materials.
Read on for more information about our unique brand and products.