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Playing with your baby is not just about passing the time; it’s essential to not only aid their development, but also your bond with them. Now, don’t think playing has to be hard work – it really doesn’t. Babies are born with an innate curiosity and a desire to explore and learn about their surroundings, so you can simply just play into that.

One easy way to play with your baby is to engage their senses. Babies are like little (very cute) sponges, constantly absorbing information about the world through their senses. Sensory play is a fantastic way to entertain your little one. 



Begin sensory play with something as simple as tummy time. Place your baby on their stomach on a soft, clean surface and let them look around and in time raise their head. If they need an extra little bit of help, try using a rolled up towel under their chest and popping something infant of them to encourage them to push up (our sensory strips are great for this!)



You might have noticed babies love to put things in their mouth. This is simply them trying to learn- not just learning to eat but exploring different textures. Now, this can be a little problematic with so many hazards around the home so instead of taste, you can play with touch. Babies want to touch lots of different things. Whether it’s dry rice, crinkly paper, space blankets or lovely soft fabrics like the ears on our comforters – your baby will love exploring all the different textures.



Things like rattles, teething toys, bath toys and sensory grab balls can all be used as sensory toys. Different textures and sizes, sensory toys not only provide tactile stimulation but will also be visually appealing to babies.


Babies love the sound of their parents voice. Singing lullabies, nursery rhymes or your favourite song not only soothes them, but also introduces them to different melodies and rhythms.

“As babies emerge into the world their relationship with music grows - from lullabies to help them sleep, to songs that help them develop language, rhythm and coordination. Music is also a powerful form of release and self expression, nothing beats a dance party with your family and friends and that’s something that can start at any age.” – Dominic Hodge, Yoto’s Head of Music and Sound.


Playing with your baby is a wonderful way to bond and promote their development. Through sensory play, music, and activities, you can help your baby explore the world in a fun and educational way. Happy playing!


Jen & Etta x

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