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Let us set the scene for you - you set out your little one's breakfast and sit down ready to chat to them as they eat, but just as you sit down the whole bowl ends up thrown onto the floor. 

You start cleaning up the mess but your child is upset that their food is on the floor and starts crying. Then the doorbell goes, the dog's barking - the postie is at the door. You pick up your crying child and head for the front door. 

You open the door with your pjs still on, a leaky left boob, messy hair, a crying child and porridge on your feet. You can't take the parcel as your hands are full, so just shuffle it in and go to settle your child down. 

As you attempt to fix some more 'not too hot but not too cold' porridge your little one watches on, still upset. The guilt beings to creep in - "why am I no good at this?"

This is often the reality of a morning of parenting. Every day is different with little ones and it can sometimes feel like we can never get it all right, or that we aren't the 'take everything in our stride' chilled out parents that we hoped we would be. Whether it's a morning like this, your child not getting a grip on their phonics or simply when you can't understand what your child is trying to say and they are so frustrated - feelings of self doubt are all too common, especially when it comes to parenting. 

a baby looking at a flashcard with a positive affirmation being read

There are things you can do to help bring the calm to the chaos, to bring back your confidence and calm. Did you know that you can in fact alter your brains chemistry with the power of positive affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements about yourself that you repeat over time, and saying them can completely change how you feel and act. Using affirmations every day has been proven to reshape the way you see yourself and reduce the effects of negative emotions such as self-doubt. Research shows that, in the face of challenges, people who say affirmations feel happier and more hopeful than those who do not.

"Our minds often err towards the critical. Worrying can become a habitual response. Positive affirmations are a powerful way to cultivate a compassionate inner voice, to anchor us when we're worried, and to bring grounded, empowering perspective." - Anna Mathur, psychotherapist and bestselling author.

If we can change the way we think, we can change the way we feel and how we act.

Combining the visual support of a flash card with the little lift from an affirmation, our latest product (shop here) we offer support for your baby’s vision and support for your unique journey through parenthood. Watch baby gaze on in wonder at the perfectly designed shapes, scales and colour, learning to see before your very eyes, whilst you read the back of the card and remember what an amazing job you’re doing of the hardest job in the world. 


a positive affirmation card

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