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We always put science at the heart of everything we do, and by working with our consultant Orthoptist Laura and co-funding Philip, our PhD student at the Sussex Baby Lab, we are directly enabling new research around baby vision to be generated. And the latest research has directly impacted what we, and the academic community, know about baby colour preference…

baby aqua sensory muslin

Carried out using sophisticated eye tracking to see how babies respond to patterns and colours, babies were shown multiple versions of our prints - black and white / black, white and red / black, white and blue / red and white / blue and white - and contrary to popular belief, we discovered that babies from 2 months can not only see highly saturated colours, but they actually show a viewing preference for looking at patterns which are made up of black, white and a strong colour – blue or red.

So let’s take that in again, we know that babies have more colour vision than just black and white even from birth, but until now we didn’t know whether they actually showed a preference to looking at patterns with both high contrast and colour.

Obviously we wouldn’t be Etta Loves if we hadn’t taken this research and put it at the heart of our design process, to bring you our first ever non-monochrome muslin 3-pack for 0-4 month olds. Our new Sky print pack features three celestial designs (Lunar, Constellations and Aqua) with Aqua featuring a striking, vivid blue within the print.

These three new prints are precisely designed to help support babies cognitive and visual development and like Anna Franklin, Professor of Visual Perception and Cognition, at The Sussex Baby Lab, says "It's exciting for the Sussex Baby Lab to work with Etta Loves. It's brilliant to see that they have taken these findings on board in their new designs as weaving science into design in this way helps optimise infants' visual experience."

sensory muslins

We hope you love this new infusion of even more science into our prints, we know your baby will simply adore this extra special Sky print muslin pack - from birth with the blue of the Aqua print adding an extra sensory element when your little ones hits 2 months old.

Shop our new Sky pack here

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