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Why we design 2 age ranges for your baby's changing vision

what can my baby see?

The Etta Loves newborn-4 month range is optimised for the littlest ones. Their eyesight is blurry initially so it is much easier for tiny babies to see high contrast patterns, and therefore black and white objects will attract their attention most easily and fascinate them.

Over the first few months of life a baby’s vision develops rapidly, and the colour vision receptor cells that a baby is born with are also beginning to mature and function. It takes time for these cells to develop and for the brain to make sense of the signals from them, allowing the perception of colours.

By around 2 months of age babies will be able to tell red and green apart provided the colours are strong, and by around 4-5 months they will be able to distinguish between blue and yellow. They may not be able to detect differences between subtle pastel colours such as peach and soft yellow for a while yet though!

As babies start to appreciate colours a whole new visual world opens up to them, and whilst they will still find the black and white designs interesting, we wanted to offer patterns that will continue to challenge your baby – this is key to holding their interest while their eyes and brain make sense of what they see.

The Etta Loves 5+ month range is designed to include a darker colour that babies will be able to detect easily, but also to start to challenge those newly developed colour vision receptor cells with a range of colours and contrasts.

By including a variety of colours that your baby will be able to see easily, and some that are more challenging, Etta Loves 5+ muslins will continue to fascinate and entertain your baby.

A great deal of thought goes into every aspect of the design – from the colours used, to the size and shape of the pattern and its spacing. This combination of science and design results in a clever pattern that will appear over time for your baby – starting with the darkest spot, then the strong bold colours followed by the more pastel shades. This emerging palette of colours provides sensory stimulation and a much-needed peaceful moment of calm for all.

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