For me Nct was a no-brainer as we'd recently moved to a new area, knew very few people locally - none with kids - and it was our first baby so I felt like I had some serious learning and friend making to do.
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PARENTHOOD: Changing bag essentials. What NEVER to forget

I was never the organised one in our mum group. I often forgot muslins (the irony) or any kind of toys for Etta, sometimes even nappies and wipes, to dire consequences.
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PARENTHOOD: Odd, unquestioned new mum behaviour

Weird things happen when you become a mum. Things that to anyone else would seem bizarre or unexplainable are accepted as totally normal, so normal that you don’t even take a moment to question them to realise they’re really not.

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LIFE: My everyday fear

I wanted to share with you a more personal insight into me, my life and how my mind makes it challenging at times. This is not about fear of the modern world of warfare and the devastating acts we have more recently witnessed on our streets, this is about my fear of the everyday.
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