CMPA - One mum's experience of a dairy allergy - Etta Loves

CMPA - One mum's experience of a dairy allergy

Our lovely Katie from customer service talks candidly about her experience of having two babies with CMPA (cow's milk protein allergy).
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Is baby brain real - Etta Loves

Baby brain is real

It's inevitable that pregnant women and new mums will experience moments of baby brain, but why and how long does it last?
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Am I producing enough milk for my baby? - Etta Loves

BREASTFEEDING - Why it's probably not true that you don't have enough milk.

I spoke to midwife and breastfeeding specialist Clair McVean about whether it's common to not have enough milk to be able to breastfeed successfully.
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Newborn photography tips - Etta Loves

Photographing your baby at home

Our photographer Amy's top tips on how to capture stunning images of your family whilst stuck in lockdown
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Tummy time tips - Etta Loves

How to make tummy time enjoyable (or at the least bearable)

Here are some ideas to help your baby to enjoy or at the very least tolerate tummy time without you both ending up in tears.


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Sensory play ideas for newborns

Hacks to get the most out of our clever products

They're totally magical because of the precise science in our patterns, so here are some clever ways to witness the wonder.
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pregnancy skin problems - Etta Loves

Understanding your pregnancy skin

Find out a bit more about what happens to our skin during pregnancy. Spoiler alert - not everyone gets that pregnancy glow!
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best comforters for newborns - Etta Loves

How comforters provide reassurance for little ones

Expert sleep consultant Charlotte tells us about the benefits of a comforter for added reassurance and calmer night times.
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baby massage tips - Etta Loves

More than just a massage

Every touch, every kiss, and every loving cuddle sparks new connections in your baby’s brain, whilst also delivering therapeutic benefits.
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is resenting your partner after a baby normal? - Etta Loves

Resenting your partner after children

How to deal with resentment towards your partner post baby
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13 Gentle stretches for new mums - Etta Loves

Gentle stretches for new mums

Simple stretches to release the tension in your body that motherhood brings.
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Understanding infant febrile seizures - Etta Loves

Understanding infant febrile seizures

I spoke to a qualified first aid trainer to find out everything a parent should know.
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