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I'm Jen, Etta's mum and something of a cliché; a new mum wanting to take more control of life, and do something I love and believe in. It’s a cliché that I’m thoroughly enjoying and I really hope that you and the little one in your life adore these muslins.


Meet Etta, the inspiration behind these muslins; my muse if you will. She's a joy, most of the time, and is interested in literally everything around her. She is the chief product tester for Etta Loves, because if Etta doesn't love them then they don't make the cut.



Laura, mum to Sophie, has 17 years’ experience as an early years orthoptist (or specialist in children’s vision development to you and me). She has provided in-depth knowledge of the first 12 months of a child’s visual development, to ensure that the patterns, colours and level of detail are just right.

Shruti, a dear friend I met through NCT, is a phenomenal designer. She’s the super stylish one in the group, whose baby Kiran has looked effortlessly cool since day dot. Once we agree on the theme, she uses Laura’s expert input to create our stunning designs.

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