ETTA LOVES x KEITH HARING PLAYMAT- reversible newborn to 4 months / 5+ months


Our organic cotton playmat provides perfect stimulation for tummy time and playtime and with its striking Keith Haring prints will be loved by everyone. Reversible 'Baby' (newborn-4 month print) and 'Brazil' (5+ months) in soft organic cotton with a comfy padded fill.

Keith Haring's artwork has been expertly scaled and coloured by our consultant orthoptist specifically to support babies' visual and cognitive development throughout their first year.

The patterns also encourage your baby to use their back, neck and shoulder muscles (helping them prepare for rolling and crawling) as you’ll notice them trying to push up to make more sense of the print before them.

Comes in our gorgeous box packaging with a band to hold the mat together when rolled up – making it perfect for home and away.

Size: Circular - 1m diameter

Made from: Outer – Organic cotton. Inner: Polyester padding

Machine washable to make your life easier too.

 Browse the full Etta Loves x Keith Haring collaboration here



Babies are born with the receptor cells to detect colour, but they are still immature

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Anne Kennedy
Lovely Playmat

Bought as a gift for my new baby granddaughter who just loves her new playmat. Great quality and lovely design on both sides. Washes a treat too. I have also bought some muslins for my granddaughter and as gifts, they certainly keep the babies amused. Many thanks Etta Loves, I will definitely be back.

Anne Brunger
Newborn Favourite

My granddaughter, at 4 weeks, has been fascinated staring at this when draped beside her and is now starting to lie on the floor on it. Looking forward to when she is able to roll about on it.

Keith Haring Playmat

Love it! Beautifully made, good size and quality. Delivered quickly. Thank you!

David Maher
Etta Loves Keith Haring Playmat

The playmat has been a hit since it arrived!
Our daughter was only 6 weeks old when it arrived but found interest in the black & white patterns in no time. She’s coming up to 3 months old now and is slowly progressing onto the colourful side.
It’s been a great play/learning tool that’s kept her very engaged and happy, we all love it!
Also it’s great that it’s washable, the playmat that is!

Patricia Winifred
‘The’ Play-mat of all Play-mats

Wonderfully made, lightweight and definitely does as it says on the box!
Love anything Haring. Love the black and white image/prints for children’s sight development generally, but Haring tops the bill.
My Grandson sits happily surrounded by the Playmat when propped up, just looking, calm and relaxed. Definitely a worthwhile purchase. Thank You!